Our business Tools

These are some of the tools that we use in our work process:

Payroll Management

A complex service that allows outsourcing activities related to processing and accrual and/or payment of remuneration, social packages and the respective bonus systems related to every single employee.


Applicable to almost all organizations operating on the market that have limited budget and a need of additional personnel, such as sales representatives, consultants, specialists, etc.

It is all our responsibility to undertake and perform those activities, including the administrative personnel management.


This type of outsourcing consists in outsourcing existing personnel to an external organization while keeping the status of employment relations with the former employer.
Thus all processes of personnel management are being optimized, reducing:

  • the need to maintain relations with employment law enforcement agencies
  • the workplace organization efforts
  • the annual software updates
  • the volume of archived documents
  • the “nonproductive” positions
  • the cost of office supplies

Staff Leasing

It gives the Client an opportunity to hire personnel working under an employment contract in an external organization, which is a formal employer, and the workplace being according to the Client’s needs.

Applicable to both Bulgarian companies implementing fixed-date projects and to foreign companies which do not have legal registration in the country but are on the market to study the opportunities and perspectives to start a business.
It is also applicable for the purposes of organizations with limited personnel.

Temporary employment

Temporary employment refers to outsourcing administrative activities related to:

  • Promotions
  • Running marketing activities
  • Implementation of short-term projects
  • Replacement of absent employees

Applicable mostly for the purposes of any advertising, marketing or research agencies.