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We offer our clients a full package of services, required for the presence on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria:

Pharma and Medical Expertise

Real Life Solutions

  • Crisis management

    Crisis management

    The crisis management goal is to eliminate the reasons for the crises and to optimize the work processes as well as to expand the business possibilities for profit generation. Rentarep provides crisis management services in several main stages: Planning crisis…

  • Preliminary strategic analysis

    Preliminary strategic analysis

    The analysis of the target market encompasses the three main components: definition of the potential, strengths and weaknesses of your company, particularly with regard to the competitive market; research of the situation of the target market; research and analysis of…

  • Long-term customer binding strategies

    Long-term customer binding strategies

    The basis of our marketing policy is customer-oriented. To bind a customer and to make such customer loyal to the company brand proper mechanisms are used as well as a proper method of keeping contact with customers and a well-organized…

  • Development of new products

    Development of new products

    We will organize the whole process from the new product concept to the placing of the product on the market. We will prepare the initial task by identifying: target groups; competitive environment; new product concepts; We will prepare plan calculations…

  • Product policy

    Product policy

    The products of every company need to be constantly optimized, modified and differentiated to meet the needs of the various target groups. We shall analyze the product range of your company and give you suggestions taking into account your company’s…

  • Innovative project management

    Innovative project management

    Mainly in the field of medicine, proven their efficiency all over the world; Including development of strategic partnerships with scientific institutes and innovation companies with the purpose of discovering and implementing alternative methods of therapy; One of the main goals…

  • Human resource management and development

    Human resource management and development

    Organizations and their employees must always change if they want to operate effectively and be competitive by constantly rethinking their goals according to the market conditions. The approaches in this regard are also specific for each company or organization. The…

  • Building organizational structures and reorganization

    Building organizational structures and reorganization

    The organizational structure and processes in the company are of fundamental importance to its success. The successful work organization binds the departments, the effective communication between them and the conduct of managers and employees, as a result of which the…

  • Personal consulting – Coaching

    Personal consulting – Coaching

    The aim of personal consulting is to activate manager’s own resources, to expand the possibilities of impact, control and operation in the particular environment the manager works in, and with a view to manager’s or company’s goals.