Предлагани Услуги

Предлагаме на нашите клиенти и партньори пълен пакет от услуги , необходими за бизнес присъствието им на фармацевтичния пазар в България

Product policy

Product policy

The products of every company need to be constantly optimized, modified and differentiated to meet the needs of the various target groups.

We shall analyze the product range of your company and give you suggestions taking into account your company’s resources and the possibilities to increase its efficiency.

Our suggestions may also include introduction of new products and expansion of the product range in width and depth.

We also consider significant aspects such as warranty service and claim processing.

We will discuss with you possible steps oriented to product diversity by adding more properties to the existing products.

We will consider the possibilities of introducing new brands as a customer-binding tool.