Предлагани Услуги

Предлагаме на нашите клиенти и партньори пълен пакет от услуги , необходими за бизнес присъствието им на фармацевтичния пазар в България

Preliminary strategic analysis

Preliminary strategic analysis

The analysis of the target market encompasses the three main components:

  • definition of the potential, strengths and weaknesses of your company, particularly with regard to the competitive market;
  • research of the situation of the target market;
  • research and analysis of main competitors, their positions and market behavior.

Based on that analysis you will receive from us actual opinions and suggestions about the market possibilities, strengths to use, and risks to avoid.

The analysis will also contain suggestions of measures for you to take in your company.

In our discretion and based on our experience with different companies from your field of business we will also make a comparative analysis with some of your potential main competitors in terms of price levels, quality, design, product range, service and other criteria.

A constituent part of that analysis will also be to consider your target group with regard to the customer needs, service requirements, where do customers inform themselves from and where and how they prefer to shop.