Предлагани Услуги

Предлагаме на нашите клиенти и партньори пълен пакет от услуги , необходими за бизнес присъствието им на фармацевтичния пазар в България

Development of new products

Development of new products

We will organize the whole process from the new product concept to the placing of the product on the market.

We will prepare the initial task by identifying:

  • target groups;
  • competitive environment;
  • new product concepts;

We will prepare plan calculations of the cost of new products as a basis of the future price policy.
We will include in this process the present clients of the company and collect their opinion on the expectations and attitudes they have.

In the next phase we will develop the concept of the future product together with your experts and we will cooperate with you in placing the product on the market.

Based on a detailed marketing analysis we render assistance for the optimal use of price as a market impact tool.

Depending on the business strategy our task can be both quick market penetration of a new product and a maximum use of the profit possibilities of the product group.

We will also assist you in indentifying elements of the company’s business policy according to the various distribution channels.