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Предлагаме на нашите клиенти и партньори пълен пакет от услуги , необходими за бизнес присъствието им на фармацевтичния пазар в България

Crisis management

Crisis management

The crisis management goal is to eliminate the reasons for the crises and to optimize the work processes as well as to expand the business possibilities for profit generation. Rentarep provides crisis management services in several main stages:

  1. Planning crisis possibilities as to how likely they are to occur and the damages they may cause.
  2. Making a crisis plan with clearly defined roles of all employees of the organization in particular crises.
  3. Frequent training sessions preparing crisis managers and employees to react in crisis situations. They are an important part of the main crisis program (company’s action plan).

In such situations the problems of the organization cannot be solved without:

  • Crisis control
  • Damage restriction
  • Compensating affected parties