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Our clients and partners

  • lilly-logo

    The Lilly Drugstore chain was found in 2003 in Serbia to provide clients with the best quality cosmetics, personal hygiene products, children products and food, baby products, good supplements, perfumes and household chemicals.

  • proton-systems-logo

    Proton System was found in 1999 and it is a leading pharmaceutical company in Southeast Europe. The business of the company is import, registration and marking of medicinal products.

  • max-medica-logo

    Max Medica was found in 1995 in Belgrade. The main object of the company is to produce and sell 100% natural dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals.

  • prosan-logo

    The Dutch company Prosan manufactures Flexi-T – an IUD of outstanding qualities and reduced side effects. The IUD is very small in size but with an extremely high efficiency.

  • arkadia-herba

    Arcadia Herba EOOD was found in 1997 as a Bulgarian/German company with the objects to process and package herbs and spices. Later the company directs its interest to food supplements and specializes in this field.

  • esensa-logo

    Esensa is an organization created as a corporation production unit FARMALOGIST.
    The company specializes in the production of dietary supplements and drugs dispensed without a prescription.

  • reckitt-benckiser-logo

    RB – Reckitt Benckiser is a global corporation that owns many famous brands, such as: Air Wick, Calgon, Cillit Bang, Dettol, Durex, Finish, Nurofen, Strepsils, Scholl, Vanish, Veet

  • eco-silver-logo

    The textile products under the Eco Silver brand contain silver thread. They are antibacterial, reduce body odor from sweating, enhance perfusion, and reduce static electricity.

  • trackpore-technologie-logo

    Trackpore Technology is a leading company on the Russian market specialized in medical equipment for membrane plasmapheresis and cascade plasma filtration.

  • logo-natural-source

    Natural Source International is a company found more than 15 years ago in the USA with the object of producing scientifically formulated food supplements for a healthy balance in the human body.

  • mondragon-logo

    MONDRAGON Corporation is the embodiment of the co-operative movement that began in 1956 in Spain. In terms of organisation, it is divided into four areas: Finance, Industry, Distribution and Knowledge, and is today the foremost Basque business group and the seventh largest in Spain.

  • oncomatryx-logo

    Oncomatrix develops innovative treatments for invasive stages of cancer. They are aimed at attacking not tumour cells, but the peritumoural cells and extracellular matrix that facilitate tumour invasiveness and resistance.

  • oncomatryx-logo

    Oiarso S.Coop, through its Bexen Medical commercial brand, manufactures and sells disposable medical products. Oiarso offers its customers high quality products and the development capacity of a company with its own production capability.